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Tourist trail „The Devil’s trail”, Borino

“The Devil’s trail” is an interesting mountain rout in the Rhodopes with a medium difficulty. The trail starts from the village of Borino (municipality Borino, region of Smolyan). It is 10.5 km long and can be traversed in about 8-10 hours of walking. It takes you through centuries old forests, plains, you will see waterfalls, beautiful rock faces, rock wreaths and gorges – the feeling is incredible. The highest point on the route is 1 356 m (Tepe bair), and the lowest – 945m (where the rivers Buinovska and Chatak dere join). The whole path has two parts – short and long. The length of the short one is around 3.8 km (it can be walked in 3-5hours), and the long 10.5km (which is the full length of the trail).

Usually tourists prefer a section of the 2.5 km long path, which takes about 2 hours and a half. In fact, this part includes some of the most attractive places and most of all the famous Devil's Bridge (this natural landmark is also included in the short and long part of the trail).

The stretch is not a difficult transition and is very pleasant. Starting from the village of Borino, 4 kilometers south of the village you will reach the Tar Museum. There is a large parking lot where you can leave your car and continue to the most attractive place on the route - Devil's Bridge. After about 35 minutes, you will see before you the unique natural phenomenon – the Devil’s Bridge. It is a cliff that connects two completely vertical banks of the Chitak River. The arch of the rock bridge rises greatly at 18 meters high, and below is the river. Its waters have carved the rock for millions of years and that is how they created this incredible creation. The opening of the arch is 6 m, and the thickness of the rock is around 4 m. The most attractive and emotional part for the tourists is crossing under the rock bridge and through the tight gorge like part on wooden platforms, attached to the cliffs with steel consoles. From here you can also see parts of the intimidating gorge of the Chitak dere river. From wooden stairs, you can go down to different levels and experience many emotions. The bridge is called by local people Devilish because of the uniqueness of the natural landmark. Further, after about 30 meters you will reach a wooden gazebo. Another half hour and you will find a cascade of 3-4 beautiful waterfalls formed by the Chatak Dere river. The largest of these before the route was established was hidden behind a cliff, so it is known as the Hidden Waterfall. Now the rock is overcome by wooden platforms and it can be fully seen. In the direction of the Buynovsko Gorge in about 20 minutes you will see a fountain from a mountain spring. After the water fountain, a 300-400-meter track follows and the end of the stretch - where the the Chatak Dere and Buynovska rivers meet. This is also where the road crosses the Buynovsko Gorge.

Now, your walk can continue along the rout of the “Devil’s trail”, and along the asphalt road along the beautiful Buynovsko Gorge - the longest gorge in the country, and to the village of Buynovo. In about 2 km south is the famous Yagodinska cave, nearby is the panoramic pad “Eagle’s eye” on the peak St. Ilia. You can find more information about them in our website, in the section Tourist sites or in the section Destination Borino.

The whole trail “Devil’s trail” is safe and marked. Along it there are 2 shelters with resting arbors, wooden bridges, fountains, information boards.

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