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Orlovo Oko

Viewing Deck Orlovo Oko is located in the Western Rhodopes on St. Ilia Peak near Yagodina village, Borino Municipality, Smolyan Province. With its altitude of 1530 m it is the first of its kind viewing deck in the Bulgaria.

The feeling while being there is incredible. From the deck the tourists can enjoy the picturesque views over the entire area around as well some of the peaks in Rhodope Mountains. If the weather allows it some of the other mountains and peaks in Bulgaria can be seen in the distance.

The viewing deck is built with a government project in 2009 from The Tourist Club Rodopea in Yagodina village. The construction is solid - made from metal and concrete. It can support up to 3 tons of loading. That guarantees the safety of the visitors. The deck location can be reached by walking - through a forest path (about 1 and a half hour) or by SUV.

Only 3 km far from Yagodina village is located the famous Yagodinska Peshtera (transl.: The Yagodina Cave). It is in the rocks of the longest gorge in Bulgaria – Byunovsko Zdrelo (transl.: Gorge of Byunovo). Both gorge and the cave are in the top 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria and also are one of the most popular nature monuments in the country preferred by Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

Near here about 15 km by car and 6-7 km by walking on mountain path is located the Trigradskoto Zhdrelo (transl.: The Gorge of Trigrad) where are located some of the most visited caves in Bulgaria – Dyavoskoto Garlo (transl.: The Devil's Throat) and Haramiyska Peshtera (transl.: The Haramiyska Cave). The Gorge of Trigrad is in the top 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria.

Useful information

Tourist Club “Rodopea”, Yagodina village
Phone: +359 888 519 981

Cave Yagodinska Peshtera
Phone: +359 889 903 642, +359 879 879 131, +359 895 658 558

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