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Museum of Sofia History

Museum of Sofia History is located in the center of the capital. Its permanent exposition is in the building of the former Central Mineral Bath /1913/, which is an architectural monument of culture with national importance.

120 000 historical and cultural values are preserved in the museum's storage. Among them there are finds of archaeological excavations, coins, jewelry, antique weapons, clothing, original documents and pictures of famous historical figures such as Prince Alexander I, King Ferdinand I, Stefan Stambolov, Dragan Tsankov, Konstantin Stoilov and others. Here you can see valuable exhibits such as the golden Thracian bowl from the village of Kazichene /10th-8th c. BC/, the Boyana Memorial from 1612, ancient icons, frescoes and church plate, paintings, etc. The museum also presents gifts and items that belonged to Ferdinand I, who had been the prince of the country since 1887, and since 1908, when the independence Bulgaria was declared, until 1918 he was the king of Bulgaria. Among these objects, the most interesting ones for visitors are the carriage of the Versailles palace in Louis XVI style, used for the wedding of Prince Ferdinand I and Princess Maria Luisa in 1893, also a desk donated by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, a clock, a gift from the English Queen Victoria, his car with a Mercedes-Benz engine and a coupe from 1905 and others.

Besides the exposition in the museum, you can also visit the three museum branches – St. Sofia Basilica, Exposition for National Reconciliation and Knyaz Aleksandar I Batenberg Tomb, as well as the museum objects: Archeological part “West port”, Arceological remains in the surrounding area of of the rotund (round church) “St. George”, Ancient cultural-communicative complex “Serdika”, Northeast angular tower, Triangular tower of Serdika, the Amphitheater of Serdica and others.

Useful information

Museum of Sofia History
City of Sofia, 1 Banski Sq.
Tel.: +359 985 44 55, +359 2 983 37 55 /Director/, e-mail:, website:

Working hours:
Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00 /tickets are sold up until 17.30/, day off – Monday

Entrance-free days – first and third Thursday of the month.

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