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Museum of wine, Melnik

The museum of wine in the town of Melnik was created in 2013 and since then is visited by more than 100 thousand Bulgarian and foreign tourists, annually. In the attractively arranged halls, you will learn the history of the wine and its production in Melnik and the region. You will learn about the original recipe for the production of the wine, known throughout the centuries in entire Europe with its unique qualities. You will see different instruments, used when planting and farming the grapevines, the dishes and the equipment used when harvesting and chopping the grapes, and also the equipment used during the producing of the divine drink.

The museum also has a special hall for degustation, where you can try different locally-made kinds of wine, produced by an authentic Melnik recipe and technology, and you can also take some home. You can even fill the bottles yourself, straight from the barrels and close them with a hand press. For a keepsake, you can order a label with your picture on it. The red wines, which are offered for degustation, are made from the grape varieties “Wide Melnik vine”, “Merlo” and “Cabernet”, and the white are from “Chardonnay”, “Muscat” and others.

The exposition of wines has more than 200 bottles of Melnik wine, kept in a special vault where they mature. The production is from wine cellars from the region, and the oldest ones are from the year of 2000.

The region of Melnik is known for its various and unique sorts of grapes and the people of Melnik are, without a doubt, one of the best winemakers. Traditionally, in every house here, homemade wine is produced. The wine of Melnik is a standard for quality wine. Even today, it is among the most wanted, not just in the country, but in Europe as well. It is known that the wine from the local grape sort “Wide Melnik vine” was among the favourite drinks of the famous politician Winston Churchill, who bought half a ton from it every year.

Useful information

Museum of wine
Town of Melnik, 92 Melnik Str.
Tel.: +359 878 661 109, +359 878 910 888, +359 878 661 930

Working hours:
May-October: 10.00 – 20.00, no days off,
November-April: 10.00 – 19.00, no days off

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