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Museum of Tar, Borino

The museum of Tar is 4 km south of the village of Borino (in the region the Factory along the road for the village of Chala), the municipality of Borino, region of Smolyan. This is the only musum in the Rhodopes for now, which was dedicated to the pine tar and its manufacturing. Founded in 2015. Here you can learn how this product is created, what exactly is the traditional technology of manufacturing, what it cures and how it is used.

It is shown in a small wooden house the place for its extraction by an old technology, the leather flasks in which the valuable liquid was stored once and transported to the markets and so on. In fact, the pitch site is a cone-shaped pit formed in the ground, where naturally from resinous pine sprays by flameless burning technology, the product is produced. Here they will tell you how exactly that was done. In Borino the manufacturers of tar still use the same technology today.

The pine tar is used still in the humanitarian and veterinarian medicine and in cosmetics. It heals skin ulcers, skin eczema, rheumatism, exostosis and others.

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Association "Bio-B-Eco"
Village of Borino, Municipality Borino, Region Smolyan
“Rodopi” 33 St. (Home of culture, basement level)
Tel.: +359 889 811 848, +359 886 704 229, e-mail:, website:

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