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Route "The Spring of the Vucha River - the Meanders of Buinovska River"

The Route "The Spring of the Vucha River - the meanders of Buinovska River" is one of the most popular walks and picnics in the area of Borino municipality, Smolyan. The trail passes through wildly beautiful spots of the Rhodope mountain and is easy to reach. The rout is 8 km long and starts from the Tourist information center in Buynovo village, passes through the meadows of Buinovska river, continues towards Kozari village and reaches the spring of Vucha river.

In fact Vucha river is formed by the merging of the two rivers - Buinovska and Trigradska. Its beginning is the Buinovska river, which has a karst spring in Kainchal’s area of the Western Rhodopes, in the area of Varnitzata, abount 1558 m above sea level. It is located 3.4 km southeast of Kozari village and is very close to the Bulgarian-Greek borderline.

Starting from its spring, the mountain stream descends downwards and continues further, creating charming meanders along its way. You will be amazed by the view - the curves of the river through the lush meadows with colorful flowers, surrounded by green meadows with century-old forests. This is one of the most attractive places in the area for tourists. The Buinovska river meanders have numerous shelters with all the facilities for camping, barbecue and picnic, as well as fountains with cold mountain water, built by the inhabitants of the two villages with a lot of love. Because fishing is not allowed in this part of the river you can go to the nearby several artificial ponds, where you can fish trout and carp and find conditions to prepare your own catch. The whole tourist route is preferred for recreation and camping during the summer months of the year.

You can take a walk to the spring of Vucha river, then to the meanders and the village of Buinovo through another easy route: Arkan house horse riding station in Trigrad village - Village of Vodni Pad - Vucha river spring - Kozari village - Meanders of Buinovska river - Vuinovo village.

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