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Kordopulov’s house, Melnik

Kordopulov’s house in the town of Melnik is a tourist landmark, visited by thousands of tourists annually. The unique architecture, interior design and the riches of this old house will leave you speechless. It is the biggest Renaissance house in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. In the past, it was famous afar because of the produced there high-quality wine. The tradition of the wine producing is kept even today and from the house, which has its own cellar, you can buy wine with the same taste qualities as before.

Kordopulov’s house was built in 1754 and it was owned by the rich family Kordopulov. Its designation, except for living, was for producing, storing and selling of wine. The Kordopulov family were famous traders who sold their wine all over Europe, even in Venice.

The house amazes with its size, architecture, oriel, colorful windows, interior and decoration in a variety of styles. In the lowest part of the building is the basement with dug into the stone tunnels with cellars for 250-300 tons of aging wine.

Above that is a semi-basement with business function and the top part is the residential part. The rooms are spacious and richly furnished. In the house can be seen preserved old furniture, wood carvings, stained glasses, handmade colorful carpets and beddings, and others. The most interesting room is the living room. It is unique with its beautiful ceiling and the two rows of twelve windows, each. The decoration of the bottom row is in a Bulgarian Renaissance style, and of the upper row - in a Venetian and oriental. The embedded in the room wardrobes are inscribed with baroque elements.

The house had a summer and a winter garden, oak stairs, a bathroom with dressing room and other modern for that time assets. Even today, you can take peek into the winter garden, where the owners and their guests used to sit down at a more quiet place to discuss their transactions. You will find it interesting, to also see the hiding place, situated behind a cabinet, where Yane Sandanski and other fighters for the freedom of this region used to hide.

During the period 1784-1780 the house was renovated and turned into a private museum. It is a monument of culture with national importance and is among the 100 national tourist sites.

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Kordopulov’s House
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