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Klisura Monastery “St. Petka”, Bankya

Klisura Monastery “St. Petka” is located 8km away from the town of Bankya and at almost the same distance from the village of Klisura. It is possible to get to the holy cloister by car. The asphalt road outside the suburbs of Bankya, even though it’s a little eroded and narrow, will take you all the way to the summit where the monastery is located. It is visited by dozens of Sofia residents and other visitors during the weekends and the holidays. The region is prefered by many tourists because of the fresh air and nature, the mineral springs and also because of how close it is to Sofia (around 20 km).

The beautiful monastery buildings, the murals, the flowers and the greenness of its yard amaze every single visitor. There is not much historical data about the monastery. It is considered that it was built during the 13th century. According to the story, in 1238, King Ivan Asen II ordered that the relics of St. Petka of Bulgaria to be taken to the then capital city of Tarnovo. When the lithium procession stopped here for a break, the place was sanctified by the incorporeal body of the saint. After that, the local Christians built a temple and later the monastery was established. In 1954, there was a big fire which destroyed the archives and the library, and the old monastery church collapsed. Today’s church was built on its place with the help of the Russian abbess Maria Magdalena (1896-1978). A few years ago the rotunda church “"Nativity of the Virgin Mary”, which has admirable murals, was also built.

The Klisura Monastery is an active all-girls monastery. Its temple feast is on the 14th of October, Petkovden. The monastery was declared as a monument of culture.

Overnight stay in the monastery is not available.

Useful information

Klisura Monastery “St. Petka”
Village of Klisura, District of Sofia
Tel.: +359 887 490 895

Working hours:
9.00 – 8.00, Mondays – off, winter working hours,
9.00 – 19.00, Mondays – off, summer working hours

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