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Exhibition of crafts center, Borino

The Exhibition of crafts center in the village of Borino was created by a project in 2015. The exhibition is situated in the old building of the town hall and shows the everyday life, culture and traditional crafts in this part of the country from the forties of the last century.

Visitors can see costumes, clothes, bedding, implements, antique objects of the Rhodopean everyday life, etc.

The characteristic traditions and culture of each of the 5 villages in the municipality - Borino, Yagodina, Kozare, Chala and Buynovo are shown in separate rooms. Here you can see colorful rugs, Rhodopean tunics and blankets, bags and beautiful knits, weaving looms and yarn processing equipment, various household items from the past - small dining tables around which the family gathered, dressers, wooden container for producing butter and more.

The exposition also has a part of a pine tree from which resin is drawn, here you can find out how that is done, without the tree being hurt. Among the attractive exhibits in the museum is also a model of a beautiful mountain drinking fountain, which shows the craftsmanship of the local masters and the spreading of one of the most respected crafts in the Rhodopes – water fountain-making.

Useful information

Association "Bio-B-Eco"
Village of Borino, Municipality Borino, Region Smolyan
“Rodopi” 33 St. (Home of culture, basement level)
Tel.: +359 889 811 848, +359 886 704 229, e-mail:, website:

You can get information for mountain guides, transport, accommodations and more from the Information center of association.

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