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Buynovsko Zhdrelo

The gorge Buynovsko Zhdrelo is located in the Western Rhodopes on the road from Teshel Dam Lake to Buynovo village in Borino Municipality, Smolyan Province. This is the longest gorge in Bulgaria – it is about 9.5 km long. It starts from Teshel Dam Lake and ends near area of Yagodinskata Peshtera (transl.: The Yagodina Cave). It was formed by the sweeping water of Buynovska Reka (transl.: The Buynovo River) digging the rocks for millions of years. The vertical marble rocks on the both sides of the road are tens of meters high. The highest point can reach 300 m. On some points of the rocks the cliffs are so close to each other that it seems like a touch. On that place the distance between them is about 4 m and the local people called that zone Valchi Skok (transl.: The Wolf Jump).

The Gorge of Buynovo is declared monument of nature and it is compared with the Gorge of Trigrad. To feel the uniqueness of this unusual place it is recommended to be visited by walking. The river of Buynovo village has created lots of beautiful nature monuments. This small paradise area is popular with the big variety of animals and plants some of which are under protection. For example, here is the home of Orfeevo Tsvete (transl.: The Flower of Orpheus) and the Rhodopean Silivryak.

The area of the Gorge of Buynovo and the River of Buynovo are extremely beautiful. The place is suitable for walking tourism, bike tourism and fishing. There are few Eco Routes. Some of them for example are Dyavolskata Pateka (transl.: The Route of the Devil). It is about 10 km long and it starts from Borino village and continues to Borinska reka (transl.: The River of Borino), Dyavolskiyat Most (transl.:The Bridge of the Devil), Skritite Vodopadi (transl.:The hidden Waterfalls), Buynovsko Zhdrelo, Yagodinska Peshtera (transl.:The Cave of Yagodina), Viewing deck Orlovo Oko (transl.: The Eye of an Eagle).

The Gorge is in the top 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria together with the cave of Yagodina. The cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the country and it is located in the rocks of Buynovsko Zhdrelo (transl.: The Gorge of Buynovo).

Close to Yagodina village on St. Ilia Peak the tourists can visit the viewing deck Orlovo Oko (transl.: The Eagle Eye) where from if the weather allows it some of the other Rhodopean peaks and other mountains can be seen in the distance. The structure is built from The Tourist Club Rodopea (village of Yagodina).

At a distance of 15 km by car and then 6-7 km by walking is located the Trigradsko Zhdrelo (transl.: The Gorge of Trigrad) in which rocks some of the most visited caves are located - Dyavolskoto Garo cave (transl.: The Devil's Throat Cave), Haramiyska Peshtera (transla.: The Haramiyska Cave). The Gorge of Trigrad is in the top 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria.

Useful Information

Village of Borino, phone: +359 894 705 234; Info center - Borino and Club Bio-B-Eco, phone: +359 889 811 848

Cave Yagodinska Peshtera, phone: +359 889 903 642, +359 879 879 131, +359 895 658 558

Tourist Club “Rodopea”, Yagodina Village, phone: : +359 888 519 981

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