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Bayrakli Mosque, Samokov

In the 19th century the town of Samokov had 4 big and a few smaller mosques. The only one that is left today is the Bayrakli Mosque. It is also called Ali Effendi Mosque, the Mosque of Yokush or the Old Mosque. The building was built in 1945, taking the place of an older mosque. Its walls are built of stones and bricks and the roof is built of wood. Among all the mosques, it was the only one with a dome which had 14 windows. Its prayer room’s dimensions are 14 and 14.8 meters.

During the 50’s and 60’s the mosque was renovated under the supervision of architect Nikola Mushanov and its murals by the famous Samokov-native artist Georgi Belstoynev. Some interesting graffiti were found on the lining under the murals during the renovation – a blueprint of a church and the names of three workmen: Yovan, Risto, and Kosto. It is believed that the names are of the Samokov-native painters from the Samokov School of Arts Ivan Iconopisets, Kosta Valyov, and Hristo Yovevich, who painted the mosque. A fact that supports this theory is that the murals are with elements typical for the style of the Samokov School of Arts.

The mosque was named a monument of culture with national importance and, as of 1966, it is a museum.

Inside you can also see the photo exhibition “Samokov seen through the lens” which reflects the changes in the urban landscape from the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th.

Useful information

Museum “Bayrakli Mosque”, part of the Historical Museum – Samokov
The town of Samokov, 49 Targovska street
Tel.: +359 722 6 67 12

Working hours:
At the moment /as of April 2019/, it works only Monday through Friday and entering is possible with a ticket bought from the Historical Museum.

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