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Serdika Antique complex, Sofia

Serdika Antique Complex /Serdika Archaeological Complex/ is part of the archeological treasures of Sofia and one of the most visited tourist sites in the capital. It is located in the center of the city, in front and west of the TZUM (Central Department Store), and a large part of it is outdoors.

The Ancient Complex presents remains of the Roman city of Serdika discovered in the period 2010-2012 in connection with the construction of the Serdika 2 metro station and the realization of the project "Serdika Antique Cultural and Communication Complex".

Here you can see sections of 8 streets, two early Christian basilicas, parts of thermal baths, 6 large residential buildings and a late medieval church occupying an area of over 9,000 square meters. The mosaics, patios, bathrooms, toilets and various elements of water supply and drainage systems of the city are exposed in the open buildings. Almost all represented constructions and structures date back to the 4th to 6th centuries, and in separate places there are also presented parts of an earlier period – the 1st to the 3rd century.

The two main streets of Serdika used to be here. Decumanus maximus /6th c./ was one of them and connected the eastern and western gates of the city. Its width is 6.40m and the length of the studied part of it is 60m. Cardo maximus /5-6 c./ was the main street connecting the northern and southern gate of Serdika. Its width is 7m and the length of the studied part of it is 40m.

The Antique complex also includes the east gate of Serdika-Sredets /from the period 2-14 c./ which was restored and finally exhibited in 1997-1999.
In fact, the area where the Ancient Complex is now, is located just right north of the center of ancient Serdika. Some of the richest and most representative houses, as well as several of the public buildings in the city used to be here.

The site is part of the Museum of History of Sofia /Regional Museum of History/.

Useful information

Serdika Antique Complex
Sofia, 1 Nezavisimost Sqand 2 Maria Luisa Blvd.

Free entrance, it can be visited at any time.
The site is part of the Museum of History of Sofia /Regional Museum of History/.

Museum of History of Sofia
city of Sofia, 1 Banski Sq
Tel.: +359 985 44 55, +359 2 983 37 55 /Director/, e-mail:, website:

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