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Destination Borino


The village of Borino, Municipality of Borino, Region of Smolyan

The mountain village Borino is in the western Rhodopes. 230 km from Sofia, 22 km from Devin and 18 km from Trigrad. It is situated 1 040 m above sea level.

The village Borino is a great place for relaxing among the pure nature and the wild beauties of the Rhodope mountains. The treasures of Borino and the municipality are the clean air, the centuries old pine woods, the beautiful rock faces, many caves, gorges, spring water, the calmness, the accessibility of the mountain and the opportunities for hiking. This is a great destination for ecotourism, mountain, cave and village tourism, as well as fishing and hunting tourism. The mountain roads which connect the village with the other local villages Yagodina, Chala and Kоzhari bring out even more opportunities for hiking and a direct link to the beauty of the Rhodopes.

One of the most interesting attractions of the destination is the tourist path “The Devil’s trail” with the natural landmark The Devil’s bridge. The trail leads through green forests, scenic spots and unique natural landmarks. It is with a medium difficulty, 10km long, but only a portion of it can also be traversed with the unique natural phenomenon the Devil’s bridge.

A few tourist trails begin from the village, some of them are: The trail of health – from Borino to the Turlata peak, 1 600 m long and the path Borino – “Orpheus” lodge – Kemer bridge, 14 km long.

In the village, you can see the Exhibition-craft center, where you will be introduced to the everyday life, culture and the traditions of the locals.

In the nearby area of Borino you can see the remains of a restored Late Antiquity building dating 5-6 c., which is supposed to be a roadside station.

The museum of tar is 4 km from Borino, down the river Chatak dere, there you will find out how this valuable and healing product is extracted and what it is used for. Close to the Tar factory, about a 35 min walk, in the direction of the region of Razsadnika, is the tepavitsa. There is a pavilion along with a shelter with a fireplace and a water fountain with drinkable water.

Tourist sites in the region. On the territory of the municipality is where the longest and most beautiful gorge in the country is: Buinov gorge. Only 12 km from Borino on the road along the gorge is the village of Yagodina and the famous with its beauty Yagodina cave. The high Panoramic site “Eagle eye” on the St. Ilia peak is in the same area, where you can enjoy the incredible landscapes of the Rhodopes. If you continue along the road, you will reach the nearby village of Buinovo. Here, you can climb on an attractive antique wooden swing “Rhodope dolap” – a type of Ferris wheel, on which long ago young men and women had rode. 7km from the village, on the Kainchal peak (1 882m) you can see a restored border sentry tower, on which tourists climb onto to delight on marvelous nature sights.

6km from Borino is where you will find the “Kastrakli” reserve, with a unique black pine forest, as well as the region with the same name. Access is free, but it is advised that you take a guide. You can visit the “Orpheus” lodge and micro-dam “Kastrakli” in the region with the same name. A bit before the reservation, you will find the camping area “Izvora”, where you can set up camp and have a good time among nature.

In your trip, you can include the unique Kemerov bridge, which is 14km north of Borino. Attractive with its oldness and beauty, it is a remarkable architectural, cultural and historical site of great value.

South of Borino is the Videnitsa peak (Gioz tepe), at a height of 1 652m. The ridge is supposed to have been a temple of God Dionysus. From the top, you will enjoy delightful panoramic views. From the village to the foothills of the peak, you can walk on foot for 2-3 hours or with an off-road car. The last 30m must be climbed by foot.

The Route "The Spring of the Vucha River - the meanders of Buinovska River" is easy and very pleasant for a hike. The trail leads through beautiful spots and is one of the most popular for hiking.

About 22 km from Borino is the famous tourist destination Devin, and 18 km - destination Trigrad with the famous Trigrad gorge and the Devil's Throat cave.

To the west of Borino, 18 km away is the town of Dospat and the suitable for fishing, camping and recreation Dospat dam.

The whole territory of the municipality of Borino is under Natura 2000. Here you can see dozens of rare and protected plants and animals. Bears, boars, deer, mouflon, chamois are popular in the area, as well as birds: capercaillie, scallops, falcons, owls, etc. There are opportunities for hunting, as well as fishing in the rivers Buinovska, Eshekchi dere, along the “Kastrakli” dam and more.

Attractive traditional events. The most attractive holiday here is the day of the village, which is conducted every year on 5th-6th of August.

Accommodations. Borino has 7 family hotels, one motel with 30 spots and a few guest houses and lodges in the area. There are guest houses in the nearby villages of Yagodin, Buinovo, Chala, Kozhari. Near to Borino there is an option for spending the night in the “Orpheus” lodge in the Kastrakli region (5km from Borino) and “Teshel” lodge (7km from the village). In the area, you can touch the tranquility and the beauty of nature by stretching a tent among nature almost everywhere on the territory of the municipality, considering the requirements for the protection of the flora and fauna.

Here you can try patatnik, kiln, kachamak and more.

The roads in the area are mostly 3rd and 4th class roads, well kept, the only transport is by car.

Useful information.

Association "Bio-B-Eco"
Village of Borino, Municipality Borino, Region Smolyan
“Rodopi” 33 St. (Home of culture, basement level)
Tel.: +359 889 811 848, +359 886 704 229, e-mail:, website:

You can get information for mountain guides, transport, accommodations and more from the Information center of association.

Municipal administration of Borino
Village of Borinom “Hristo Botev” st., Municipality of Borino, Region Smolyan
Tel.: + 359 3042 20 40, e-mail:, website:

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