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The town of Bankya, Capital Municipality, District of Sofia

The resort of Bankya is famous for its healing mineral springs and fresh mountain air. The town is located at the foot of Lyulin Mountain at an altitude of 685m and only 17 km away from Sofia.

The town of Bankya is known as an excellent destination for balneotherapy, recovery and recreation. Vacationers prefer it because of the salutary effect of the fresh air and nature, the healing waters, the many sunny days throughout the year and the quietness.

There are 15 mineral springs in Bankya. The water has a temperature of 35-37 °C and is poorly mineralized, hypothermal, hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium rich, clean, with no color and scent, soft and with pleasant taste. It has a good effect on cardiovascular and neurological diseases, the locomotor system, the exchange of substances, the gastrointestinal tract, etc.

The resort has an open and an indoor pool with mineral water, some of which are part of the bigger hotels, and and rest are in the sanatoriums. The are also many mineral fountains around the town.

The sanatoriums of the resort have rich tradition, highly qualified specialists, contemporary conditions and modern equipment for tests, physiotherapy, prophylaxis and rehabilitation. There are thousands of requests, annually, for a stay in the Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation (SHR) “Zdrave”, SHR “Bankya - station Yasen”, SHR - National Complex, the Hospital for Prolonged Treatment and Rehabilitation (HPTR), which is part of the Military Medical Academy (MMA), SHR of Ministry of Interior, and the Department of Cardiological Rehabilitation, which is part of the National Cardiology Hospital.

The relatively small distance between the resort and Sofia presents a great opportunity for a one-day trip. You could visit one of the mineral pools of the bigger hotels, you could try their various SPA and balneal services, their relax zones, or to visit the newly opened Aqualand, which has a pool of Olympic size, a kids pool, jacuzzi and other amenities.

The regions has been known with its mineral springs for centuries. One of the symbols of the town is the big balneotherapy facility (1911), built on a project by the famous Munich professor Carl Hocheder. It is also a monument of culture. Currently, the facility is under repair. After the renovation, its interior and outside look will be completely restored, including the royal baths inside. The goal of the project is for it to turn into a contemporary SPA and balneal complex. The plan is also to be built a hotel near it, also with SPA and balneal center. The goal with this initiative is for the town to become a big and modern SPA resort.

During the weekends, many tourist visit Bankya just for a walk. The mountain breeze brings fresh air, rich in negative ions and phytoncides from the pine forests - good for respiratory diseases and for the health in general. The tranquility, the greeness, the beautiful nature and the landmarks in the town and the surroundings will recharge you in a pleasant way. Here, you can visit the church “St. Martyrs Kirk and Yulita” (1932), the temples “St. George”, “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, and “All Saints” in the neighbourhood of Verdical which is considered to be the oldest Christian temple in Bankya (built almost right after the Boyana Church, 10th-11th century), and others. You can also visit Vazov’s Oak - the favourite place for relaxation of the prominent poet and writer Ivan Vazov (1850-1921). You will also have a great time if you take a walk on the Valley of Health which is one of the most liked places by the local people and by the visitors of the resort.

Bankya is also a suitable destination for congressional tourism with the available in the hotels facilities for business meetings.

The resort is known for its great conditions for sports and competitions. The town has a contemporary tennis complex and on the Hipodrum different sports, horseback riding, and auto events are held, as well as many other kinds of events.

Tourist sites in the region. Two of the most beautiful monasteries in the region are located in the surroundings of Bankya - Klisura Monastery “St. Petka” and the Divotino Monastery “Holy Trinity”. The way to get there is by car. There are tourist routes, starting at the resort, which lead to them.

Attractive traditional events. The biggest and most attractive event in the resort is “Goreshlqtsite” - the day of the mineral water, health and longevity. It is traditionally held on 15th, 16th and 17th of July - the hottest days of the year. It is believed that exactly then, the mineral springs are the most healing. The cultural manifestation, however, lasts around 10 days, as the resort becomes center of many interesting events - concerts of folklore, pop, jazz and classical performers, and others. The feast of the town is also on the 15th of July and also the feast of the church “St. Martyrs Kirk and Yulita”, the heavenly patrons of Bankya.

Accomodation. The resort has many hotels, most of which are 2 and 3-star hotels, as well as a few guest houses and sanatoriums. The bigger hotels have SPA and balneal centers, and also mineral-water pools.

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